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HFC Monitoring for calbe TV

HFC infrastructure monitoring for cable television operators. The aim of our system is to enable by operator to capture in a short period of time problems and their earlier prediction in HFC infrastructure. It is bespoke self-built system by Monolit IT system designed for each group of employees to support the HFC network maintenance of the, ie NOC for the team, for the team of technicians in the field and for the Call Center.

System usage in the Call Center provides the operator with quick and direct verification of subscriber devices and operation status. NOC team, by use of our system, can monitor the operation of all CMTS devices. Additionally, the system raises alerts for any deviations from the defined parameters of signal levels.

The Monolit IT HFC Monitoring system is one of the few in the world equipped with a Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) feature. With this solution, each cable modem becomes a highly precise diagnostic tool for NOC employees. HFC Monitoring's Proactive Network Maintenance feature helps cable operators identify network changes and errors more effectively and instantly pinpoint the location on a map. The quick diagnosis and precise location of issues with the PNM feature make it possible to reduce the maintenance costs of a cable television network.

The system also supports the sales department by predicting which subscribers Internet packages can be changed among other things.


Cable TV data retention

Data Retention System (DRS) is the dedicated software for cable operators for collecting and archiving traffic data in telecommunication networks for the needs of law enforcement bodies and special services. The data are collected according to the wording of the provisions (Art. 180a- 180d) of the Telecommunications Act has been in force since 21 January 2013. According to these provisions for public telecommunications, networks operators and public telecommunications services providers, has imposed the obligation to retain and storage telecommunications data. The system stores data retention in the defined time period, not less than 12 months.

The main system DRS functions are:

  • data customer Search according to set parameters such as the IP address and date
  • archiving of all operations related to the prepared data sets and business users DRS
  • for operators with Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) solutions, DRS supports NAT connection for Juniper solutions
  • the ability to integrate with the local base DRS operator. This solution enables rapid search of customers’ phone calls by the operator and authorized services.

SIGNATURIX - move your signature in the digital world.

The idea of a solution to describe the handwritten signature in electronic format, which will retain all of its existing biometric-graphology features and will be further enriched with features such as time signature, speed / pace of the folding signature as well as the emphasis on the use feathers matrix. The signature placed on the devices with touch screens and, depending on their types, is stored a number of parameters used in the analysis of authenticity.

Security solutions ensures that each signed document (eg. PDF) using SIGNATURIX is protected against content change, signature substitutions, or its unauthorized use.

Using the SIGNATURIX Monolit IT biometric signature brings business benefits, boosts your image and protects the environment.

Have you ever analysed the costs of paper, toner, printers and their maintenance, document storage and external archiving at your company? Have you evaluated the costs generated by employees scanning and processing paper documents? The amounts are enormous each year! Thanks to the innovative SIGNATURIX solution, these costs can disappear from your accounting spreadsheets. It is no longer necessary to sign on paper all documents that appear in the client - company relationship. They can be signed electronically in a secure way. Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Quick service
Do you know how much time it takes to serve a client at the customer service desk?How much of it is wasted on generating and printing paper copies of documents, checking them, counting pages, stapling them together? Clients do not have time or desire to wait. For them, each 5 minutes of waiting in a line is a major inconvenience. With the SIGNATURIX biometric signature, the client service process can be significantly shortened, thereby increasing client satisfaction. Could you dream of anything else?

Signatures made with the SIGNATURIX system contain a certified timestamp of the moment they are made. Biometric data unique to each person are stored in the document in an encrypted form that can be read in case the authenticity of a signature needs to be verified. The use of biometric data collected from a handwritten signature, as well as the encryption mechanisms implemented in the software itself, significantly increase the security of signing documents in comparison with a traditional, paper-based process.

Environmental protection
A socially responsible company cares about the environment – it is our common duty. Using the SIGNATURIX electronic signature significantly decreases the company's negative impact on the environment. We are not just talking about eco-friendliness. The companies that implement the SIGNATURIX biometric signature are at the forefront of environmental standards in business.

Innovative technology
SIGNATURIX is a unique, original solution developed by a team of engineers, programmers, UX developers and lawyers at Poland-based Monolit IT in Gdynia. A client’s handwritten signature placed on a document with the use of a dedicated tablet makes it possible to accurately recreate it in electronic form with the document in the system. The tablet registers the dynamic and static parameters of handwritten signatures. Each signature contains the biometric data of the person signing the document. SIGNATURIX saves such information as speed of writing and pressure. This allows to bind inseparably a biometric signature with a corresponding electronic document. By implementing the system, it is possible to prevent potential human errors resulting from non-completion of formalities (e.g. no signature on one of the pages of a contract). A centrally controlled process makes it easier to introduce quick changes to the process itself or the documentation.

A modern image
Everyone wants to be innovative, but few companies can boast the use of truly modern, innovative solutions in their day-to-day work. The SIGNATURIX biometric signature is a cutting-edge, user-friendly innovation that makes business easier and helps build good client relationships (e.g. through mobile work stations or faster customer service).


Monolit SOC - Security Operation Center

The service works as the business process’ safety monitoring system in the customer's information and communication technology infrastructure. It enables a rapid response for emerging events that threaten the business process’ continuity. The service reduces the possibility of a compromise to the company’s critical systems and operation, while minimising the possibility of leakage or making public data that is crucial for the customer. The SOC also produces reports giving evidence of the health of the IT environment, in which business processes take place. Reports indicate the frequency, level of threat and the degree of resilience of the ICT infrastructure to emerging events. They contain recommendations on the steps needed to minimize emerging risks.

SOC - performed tasks

  • Audits the security of the IT company
  • Monitoring events related to IT security
  • Audits the security of the IT company based on the monitoring of events.
  • Recommendations related to the design and solutions of the processing system’s critical data implementation
  • Monitoring access to critical data for the company.

SOC - The Benefits

  • Monitoring events related to IT security in mode 24/7
  • Cyclical audit and modification of procedures related to IT security
  • The introduction and refinement of procedures regarding behaviour in a crisis situation.
  • Comprehensive information about the infrastructure information and security state
  • Minimizing the costs on information and communication technology security, related to post active activities.
Communications infrastructure

Efficient and secure transmission of data is the basis for the correct operation of your IT and multimedia systems. It is an indicator of your company’s organization, its perception by employees and - most importantly - by business partners and customers.

We as, engineers designed and built data transmission systems for a number of prominent state institutions, banks and public buildings. With our knowledge and experience we will tell you:

  • whether to connect the terminal equipment by traditional cable network or wireless
  • whether to use the MPLS provider, or better to use other WAN management technologies
  • whether for Your Data Centre technology should be Fibre Channel or perhaps IP
  • how to minimize the cost of maintaining your system and data management
  • what to do, to ensure that your system is safe and immune to internal and external attacks.
Mobile work stations

Mobile working, remote, telecommuting is today’s common phenomenon - every fourth employee in the world works like this. Over 70% of European executives chose to work in the field rather than at a desk in the office. They are able to effectively manage their own time and perform their tasks to achieve very good results. This is a goal for each employer, as it brings success to his company. Efficient mobile working requires good communication between the employer, supervisor and co-workers, and secured access to applications and corporate devices at any time and in any location.

To meet Your expectations, we offer:

  • to develop working models of mobile SoLoMo (Social / Local / Mobile)
  • safe integration of the mobile environment with the company’s application systems
  • selection and implementation of management systems for mobile devices
  • design, performance and implementation of a dedicated system.
Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management and the association with Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is for the company a strategic element in the whole management process. In this way, it shows their commitment to performing in an environment that provides a safe and undisturbed operation in the future. This ensures the safety of its customers and suppliers, while enabling an effective response to adverse events.

Our experts will help you to:

  • identify key business processes and resources necessary for their implementation
  • assessment and describe risk
  • prepare and implement a Business Continuity Plan survival strategy
  • prepare a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • prepare a response plan for an event
  • train and create awareness among employees
  • carry out regular testing and maintenance of the business continuity plan (BCP)
  • establish internal and external communication channels during a crisis
  • prepare coordination of tasks with public services and supervisory institutions.
Environment for applications

Today Continuity Data Processing, and thus the system reliability, has taken on enormous importance. Continuous access to data sets identifies trends in the data centres construction.

In order to meet the increasing demands on the systems reliability and applications there are created redundant facilities / locations linked via LAN / WAN and SAN. In the event of a failure at the primary location, the system automatically switches to the backup centres. Automatic switching follows by the clustered systems, distributed between the data processing centres. The cluster system is responsible for individual analysis of system components in case of failure. In the case of system cluster failure, it takes appropriate action in order to ensure work continuity. The cluster monitors the application and is responsible for the proper starting, stopping and switching of applications in the data processing centres.

Monolit IT specializes in building application environments based on high reliability using technology from companies such as: IBM, VMware, Microsoft.

Unified Communication

The dynamic development of communication technology in the twenty-first century resulted in many organizations: large and small, whose members created virtual teams working in different parts of the country / World rarely meeting if at all, minimising direct contact and thereby reducing costs and time lost to travel. To exchange information we can used phones, mobile telephones, e-mails, text messages, social networking, instant messaging, text, video chat, video conferencing.

Being rich in the experience of development of communication systems, which are always part of an IT company’s environment, we will help you build a Unified Communications system. A bespoke system that is efficient and convenient for users, while also a driver for your business. We will help you to:

  • analyse the company and its business processes paying special attention to internal communications and with communication with the outside world
  • select the appropriate tools for communication
  • integrate all communication channels
  • create a comfortable and safe working group methods
  • train staff in effective use of the Unified Communications and its possibilities (sharing documents and resources, the use of different communication channels and switch between them, etc.).
  • increase the employee’s availability and improve the information flow and thus improve the efficiency of your business.
Data and information security

No one today needs to be convinced about how valuable information is at the right time, and how much information loss can cost. Losses to the organisation resulting from improper data protection are twofold: measurable, which can be present in numbers or immeasurable, resulting in the loss of image, customer and business partner confidence and in extreme cases exposing it to criminal penalties (sensitive data loss, eg. Medical Data).

A responsible company will not guarantee a business partner 100% safety for data protection. The weakest link in the whole protection chain is the human element with all its frailties and weaknesses. As engineers we always strive to provide our customers with the highest possible security level for its operating systems. We constantly track hazards arising from the rapid information technologies development and intentional hostile from internal and external hacking.

In our offer you will find solutions to ensure your organization’s safety in each system information component and reaction to events in real time on:

  • protection against unauthorized data leakage DLP (Data Leak Protection)
  • protection and control access to the Internet
  • Next Generation Firewall solutions
  • protection against network intrusion IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
  • authentication and authorization user
  • database protection, administrator’s monitoring activities
  • cryptographic protection of selected system components
  • monitoring and correlation of security events SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • infrastructure and applications examination for vulnerabilities
  • workstation protection (desktop and mobile, tablets, smartphones)
  • preparation and supervision of the process of certification of Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance to ISO 27001.
Applications and business process monitoring

The high level of availability of business applications and their high efficiency dictates the company’s efficiency. Smooth management of business applications is only possible by monitoring virtually all the system’s components: hardware, databases, network services and communication channels, virtual environments, cloud computing. Our task is to forewarn you about problems, before a system failure or disruption in corporate applications usage occurs.

We achieve this by:

  • precise and unambiguous determination of the responsibility of individuals and organizational units of the business processes and supporting the IT system elements
  • risk indication during normal business applications operation before the failure or system unavailability shall be noticed by the users
  • acceleration of response in the case of a failure event
  • use real-time report and transparent showing the entire IT infrastructure condition
  • applications automatic registration of abnormalities system’s IT elements
  • determine the correlation function between the individual system components and monitoring of aberrances in their use
  • verify SLA for the controlling management purposes
  • reporting to the company's management.
Data centre design and construction

The Data Centre is the heart of any computer system. Here the working servers are ready at any moment to provide us with the necessary data, along with devices that connect us to the world, the databases and archives, without which a modern company cannot operate. The Data Centre holds all data and resources in maximum safety and is available 24/7. We use the most advanced technology in the field of information energy, HVAC, monitoring, building, automation, and building/construction. Building and designing the Data Centre is the real challenge which few can meet. The experience gained by Monolit IT, confirmed by numerous references, enables us to offer Data Centre construction "turnkey", i.e.:

  • arrangement of business client needs coming out from the functionality of the Data Centre
  • threat assessment feasibility study, site selection and risk analysis
  • concept development according to best practices
  • conceptual design and infrastructure performance and initial cost estimation
  • projects execution: construction building and technical infrastructure, including: architecture and object construction, infrastructure project coordination in the field of energy, telecommunication and cooling with the required environmental arrangements
  • construction permit obtainment
  • performance of construction and installation works
  • performance of components test and installed systems
  • performance of functional and acceptance tests
  • obtain permit to use
  • selection, supply and installation of device and information systems
  • comprehensive service, facility maintenance of installed systems.
Support and business processes optimization

IT harnessed to the enterprise improves growth, efficiency and increases market competitiveness. IT support for business requires both knowledge of new information technology knowledge and an understanding of the rules of business management. Monolit IT provides tools to:

  • visualize functions and business processes
  • examine progress in achieving business goals by the pre-defined measures
  • analyse and simulate processes in order to optimize them
  • select and implement an optimal business model
  • monitor business model implementation on every stage

We offer products and services in the scope of:

  • identity Management (IDM), Access Management (AM)
  • information management exchange within the enterprise (BPM -Business Process Management)
  • market analysis and products sales support (BI - Business Intelligence)
  • workflow document and work group
  • individual employees productivity and departments optimisation (WFM Workforce Management)
  • reduction of deploying costs, operating costs and IT systems services
  • optimal model data choosing (outsourcing, cloud computing).
Organization cost optimization

Currently in business, the flexibility of the IT solution, its speedy implementation and its costs really count. The organisations decisions have to ensure all targets are met accurately. Therefore, it is good practice to use the services of an experienced consulting company in order to increase the chances of success of IT projects. An objective look by external consultants enables the business needs and expectations to be rationalised so that changes made in the IT area or in the chosen system would be appropriately customised to the company’s needs. Experienced Monolit IT advisors are able to embrace all the issues related to the process including finances which supports good business success.

Internet services quality monitoring system. NetQM

Internet services quality monitoring system Monolit IT enables to measure and anticipate any loss of quality in internet transmission at the end customer. NetQ Meter is the upcoming future. This is an innovative solution available today! The system was designed for Internet Service Providers who prioritise quality and customer satisfaction. They are the main supports of their business.

Think about the benefits you will gain from implementing NetQ System at your company:

  • you will receive a universal indexIP value that shows the quality of internet services. Thanks to this solution, you gain one index instead of tens of indexes that are difficult to compare. A single unique index on a global scale, that is based on carefully developed weights and algorithms. Now, the analysis of the quality of internet supplied by ISP employees is fast and simple,
  • you will reduce the number of customers resigning from services (churn) due to non-satisfactory quality of internet services,
  • you will check whether the SLA is fulfilled,
  • you will monitor the quality of internet services continuously, on a 24/7 basis,
  • you will obtain transparent reports showing the current and historic status of internet services,
  • you can supply better quality of services to your end customer, as compared to the competition,
  • you will test the actual quality of your services and immediately diagnose any problems,
  • you will be able to verify the quality of internet services at the end customer without assistance of a NOC team, remotely on an on-going basis,
  • you will minimise costs of groundless requests made by customers by resolving problems with internet services directly at the customer's, when monitoring the quality of internet services in network nodes and at end customers,
  • you will be able to reduce the quantity and time of calls made to your Call Centre relating to complaints regarding service quality,
  • being an ISP in Poland, you can check compliance with the memorandum of the Office of Electronic Communications.

NetQ Meter will measure and supply predefined tests that are crucial for an ISP:

  • load of WiFi network taking into account particular channels. The system verifies and notifies to what extend the WiFi environment enables to obtain optimum transmission results,
  • download and upload transmission capacity depending on the used protocol,
  • delays occurring for each direction of the transmission,
  • quantity of lost packets,
  • speed of opening and response of selected websites,
  • time of responses of selected DNS servers along with responses of reference servers,
  • built by the customer, based on SNMP protocol,
  • others, depending on the needs.

At NetQ Meter you can check information about the quality of provided internet services for particular activities of end customers on an on-going 24/7 basis:

  • IP telephony – is conversation smooth without any delays and interruptions, which create an inconvenience,
  • streaming video – is it uninterrupted and offers satisfying quality,
  • browsing typical websites – speed of loading, opening and response of websites,
  • online games – is the connection fast enough for gamers.

The NetQ Meter is composed of central servers and measuring polls - both fixed and mobile. Fixed polls are installed in backbone network nodes of ISPs. Mobile polls are intended for measurements conducted at the customer's, e.g. during service installation.


Monolit IT is a technology company specializing in the design and construction of IT infrastructure systems. We are a dynamically developing company, whose strength and greatest value are its employees ... With our knowledge and experience, we develop professional and reliable IT solutions.


With our knowledge and experience, we develop professional and reliable IT solutions.

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